Our Vision

Our vision is one where birds and other native wildlife flourish,

and everyone works together to support our natural heritage

We are focused on making Kaipātiki ...
Pest free by 2026

We are committed to eliminating the possums that shred our native trees; the rats and other predators that eat native baby birds and eggs and the weeds that strangle native bush.


There are more than 160 reserves in the Kaipātiki Local Board area, we have some work to do to stay on top of pest populations. Some of our volunteer groups have begun a pest monitoring, and setting traps.

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Providing education and volunteer support

Our strategy to support our native wildlife by removing pests will require a partnership between the community, businesses, schools and central and local government.

Our taxes and rates won’t stretch far enough. We need to bring people on board in their homes, their streets, their workplaces as well as in reserves by providing information and fostering a spirit of collaboration amongst neighbours to do their bit to control rats, possums, other animal and plant pests.

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Protecting the Northwest wildlink

The North-West Wildlink is a corridor of ecosystems linking regional biodiversity hotspots on the east and west coasts.


Native wildlife needs predator-free vegetation cover to move from place to place. The North-West Wildlink is expected to provide improved migration routes from Tiritiri Matangi Island to Shakespear Park and through to the Waitākere Ranges.

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Who are we?

Pest Free Kaipātiki is a community-led initiative initiated by the Kaipātiki Restoration Network in 2015.

Working in collaboration with the Kaipātiki Local Board and other stakeholders to provide support for residents and volunteer groups, new groups are being established in bush reserves and other significant ecological areas.

The Kaipātiki Restoration Network was formed in 2009 - it brings together volunteer bush restoration groups in Northcote, Birkenhead, Birkdale, Beach Haven, Glenfield, Totaravale, Hillcrest and other parts of the Kaipātiki Local Board area with support from the Kaipātiki Local Board and Council specialists in the Parks, Biodiversity and Biosecurity Departments.

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