Businesses Supporting Kaipātiki 

Businesses in Kaipātiki can now get involved in restoring Kaipātiki 


1) Register your business with Pest Free Kaipātiki 


Complete our registration form and subscribe to our newsletter.

2) Volunteer in a Local Reserve
Get your workmates together and help us restore a local reserve in your area - contact us
Read about how Naylor Love was able to assist local volunteers clear weeds in just two hours.
3) Set traps


Set rat traps around your business during quarterly predator pulses every February, April, August and November.

Record your findings on the EcoTrack App. You can read our PFK EcoTrack user guide here to get started.

Learn more by attending a predator training course.

4) Maintain pest free landscapes 

Find pest plants on your property using the pest plant guide or find them on the iNaturalis App

Once you have them identified, register them on the EcoTrack App

Remove all pest plants and maintain your grounds to prevent further infestation. 

5) Get Pest Free Business Certification

Get your Pest Free Business Certification if your company can meet the following criteria:

  • Register your company with Pest Free Kaipātiki 

  • Undertaken predator pulsing, record all results on the EcoTrack app and be predator free for five or more pulses

  • Removing all pest plants from your property and maintain a pest plant free environment for two years 

Submit your results to Pest Free Kaipātiki for certification - contact us