Help with Pest Free Kaipātiki's big campaigns

Pest Free Kaipātiki is a community-led initiative encouraging pest free initiatives to help Kaipātiki's native biodiversity. 

It is supported by the Kaipātiki Local Board and the Birkenhead Licensing Trust and a range of local, regional and national sponsors and stakeholders.

What's on in 2018...


February / April / August / November 2018

The Predator Blitz continues...

Volunteers, residents and communities in and around selected reserves are undergoing rat and possum baiting and trapping, following a pulsing schedule of four times a year

Join the pulse and buy a trap!    ​Read our blog to find out more.​

February to September 2018

Operation "Dirty Duo" - ​Join the hunt for

Moth Plant and Wild Ginger


Kaipātiki's Dirty Duo - Wild ginger and Moth Plant - are top of our hit-list this year.

They can be found lurking in backyards and bush areas all over Kaipātiki and are a real threat to native bush and wildlife...   Help us find these pest weeds!