How you can help with saving our Kauri 

August 17, 2018    |    PFK Kauri Dieback Task Force  updated 21 Octoer 2018


How you can help with the Task Force programme:

If you'd like to volunteer to help with our Kauri Dieback activities or to receive our training in Kauri Dieback hygiene so you can be certified to do pest control in kauri areas, please click here to fill out our membership and volunteering form - please tick "Help our Kauri Dieback taskforce" and any other items that interest you. 

Our Task Force, led by Jo, is working with Auckland Council to set up halo programmes around Kauri Reserves to fund predator protection in back yards neighbouring the reserves - the aim is to minimise the rats and possums that can spread phytophthora within the reserve and also to reduce the need for people to go into the forests to set up traps. 

We are looking initially at setting up 500 traps or baiting stations.

Please let us know if you can help.

For official Auckland Council information about Kauri Dieback go to

 Auckland Council announcement of track closures in Kaipātiki