Ecological Halos

Protecting our taonga through community action!

What are Ecological Halos?

Ecological Halos are a community of people living around an area of ecological importance, working together as kaitiaki (guardians) to protect the area.

Together, the community contribute to the preservation of the area by:

  • Controlling pests on their properties

  • Assisting with the management of the area

  • Planting native species on their property

  • Planting native species within the area

As a result our native species can flourish now and into the future.

halo diagram2.png

How do Halos work?

At the heart of Halos are Street Champions, members of the community who help manage Halo activities. Pest Free Kaipātiki supplies Street Champions with the resources the Halo needs to function.  When a member of a Halo requires something, for example a rat trap or extra bait, they can obtain it from their nearest Street Champion.  Therefore resources are distributed efficiently through the community.  Street Champions can also offer advice and encouragement to members and help to organize Halo events, such as planting days or social gatherings.

Which Halo are you in?

Explore the map by zooming and dragging to see which Halo you live in.  Click on a local group or Halo area on the map to get more information. Each active Halo also has its own webpage which can be viewed with the links below the map. Keep scrolling down to see some Halo FAQs and Chew Card Campaign results.

Active Halos


Active Halos

2019 to 2021 Rat Relative Abundance

Website 2019 to 2021 Rat Relative abundance comparative map per halo_edited.jpg

Click here for detailed Chew Card Campaign Results. Click on a local group or Halo area on the map to get specific chew card results for the area.

Halo FAQs

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