Pest Free Kaipātiki works directly with the EcoEngage team to enable our communities to engage and track a wide range of ecological and conservation activities using the EcoTrack app.

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Volunteer Engagement with EcoTrack

To date, volunteers have recorded thousands of pest weed instances in the Kaipātiki area using EcoTrack and use it to track weed control activities.

The EcoTrack system enables volunteers to track predator control activities by allowing them to easily record bait station visits and predator trapping.

EcoTrack also allows Pest Free Kaipātiki to track the work of volunteers in ecological halos in addition to a wide range of ecological and conservation work and events. 

How does EcoTrack help to control weeds and to restore our natural environment?

Recording and Reporting:

  • Ecotrack allows individuals to report environmental weeds (aka pest plants) easily with a GPS location and street address.

  • Pest weed reporters can indicate how big the infestation is by adding area or height, helping those planning to tackle those weeds. 

  • People report whether a weed has been removed or controlled, or if it needs someone to visit the sites, reducing wasted visits to sites that have been dealt with.  


  • For more info on removal, see our Pest Plant page

  • Once the weed is recorded as removed in EcoTrack, it changes to a green dot on the map.

  • If it's not removed, volunteer street or neighbourhood champions monitor activity and status to track progressive performance.

  • A key step is to get occupant or landowner approval, and EcoTrack allows for the entry of property owner contact details.

  • Where residents are not physically able to tackle the pest plants themselves, volunteer "pest plant hit squads" use EcoTrack to assign instances to be dealt with in a timely manner, updating them online when done.


  • Once weeds are removed or controlled, it is good to have a plan to restore the area by promoting or planting native plants. This minimises the need for repeat visits.

  • Events such as planting bees or those that provide post-planting care can also be recorded in EcoTrack.    

Recording hours and activities:

  • EcoTrack can be used to keep a record of your group's projects and activities, the number of volunteers, the hours worked, the amount of rubbish and weeds removed, trees planted, etc.   

  • Volunteer numbers and hours worked can be recorded as a bulk figure or on an individual basis.

  • To learn more, email 

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