Policy and guidelines on herbicide use for pest plant control

Pest Free Kaipāiki (PFK) recommends ‘cut and paste’ gels, as the most contained yet effective method of using herbicides. PFK only use Bamboo Buster (active ingredient – glyphosate) and MetGel (active ingredient – metsulfuron), as there are higher risks with other herbicides if not used correctly. 

Bamboo Buster and MetGel are thick gels, marked with a dye. They can be carefully smeared onto a cut stump or a slashed stem of ginger or arum lily, for example. They can also be dabbed very carefully onto cut vine stumps or the scraped stem of madeira vine or trunk of tree privet.


PFK recommends herbicide use should be kept to a minimum. Wherever possible, only mechanical methods of pest plant control should be used. However, in some cases, herbicide may be required in order to fully kill the plant and prevent regrowth, eg on a site where there is risk of soil erosion from digging out roots and rhizomes or the roots are embedded in rocks such as a gabion basket. Individual groups can make their own decisions about the use of herbicide (in accordance with legal and manufacturers’ guidelines). 

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