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There are well over 50 different invasive pest plant species in Auckland. If left, they spread to nearby reserves and smother our native bush and wildlife. It’s important to register annually where these destructive pest plants are to identify and monitor the size of the problem. Once identified and reported, volunteers, residents, property owners, community groups and Council can actively remove and control these weeds. 


Become a Pest Plant Reporter!

An invasive or 'environmental' weed is a plant from another country that overrides our native ecosystems to such an extent, that our native forests can no longer repair themselves and provide the next generation of seedlings and trees. Weeds outcompete our natives, smothering seedlings and even killing mature trees. The good news is we can do something about this by Recognising, Reporting and Removing pest plants in the backyard or public places. 


During Citizen Science Month, we encourage you to monitor pest plants by:

             it is a native or environmental weed by referring to your ID books. ​

  • Throughout July 2020, take a walk at least once a week (or as often as you can) around your neighbourhood or local reserve

  • Report pest plants  on the EcoTrack app

  • This automatically pinpoints the location. Don't forget to submit a photo in the app and add in other useful information as you see fit. 

  • Please add 'Cit Sci' to the 'Describe important details' notes section, so that we can include you in our Citizen Science Month competitions! 

Get involved so that we can make Kaipātiki Citizen Science Month the biggest citizen science project in Auckland!

Register your interest in Citizen Science Month.

Download a flyer and distribute to friends, family, colleagues and community organisations to help us promote Citizen Science Month.


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