Kauri Dieback Certification & Kauri Care 

Free Certification training is available to volunteers in Kaipātiki, focusing on upskilling volunteers and residents within Kaipātiki, and sharing how to look after kauri trees while conducting pest control or restoration work such as weeding, predator control or planting.

Our new Kauri Care programme is a fun, informative event for people who wish to know how to look after the precious kauri on their own properties. 

Who should attend

If you have kauri on your property, register for the Kauri Care programme.


If you are a volunteer who wants to safely continue your work in areas of Kauri within reserves - join the certification training option.

Both training events will consist of a 2 hour programme, differing somewhat but including the science behind dieback and its spread, cleaning exercises and field work setting out mock kauri zones where extra protection procedures are recommended. You will come out with a management strategy for your unique kauri situation. 


Sponsored by the Auckland Council kauri dieback team, you will come out of the training with the knowledge, equipment and certification to enable you to protect our treasured kauri forests.

Certification workshop
Once training and an online test has been completed, participants will be issued with personal hygiene equipment, branded vest and ID certification/compliance card. You will be certified to re-enter reserves and conduct your volunteer work, modified as necessary to the new standard operating procedure. Only those who are certified will be able to re-enter closed reserves or tracks.

Upcoming Training dates

Kauri Dieback Certification - TBC (pre-register now)

Kauri Care for Home Owners - TBC (pre-register now)

October 2020 - Kauri Care for Home Owners - COMPLETED

October 2020 - Kauri Dieback Certification - COMPLETED

May 2020 (Zoom online platform) - Kauri Care for Home Owners - COMPLETED

March 2020 (Zoom online platform) - Kauri Care for Home Owners   - COMPLETED

October 2019 - Kaipātiki Kauri Dieback Certification - COMPLETED

8 June 2019 - Kaipātiki Kauri Dieback Certification - COMPLETED

17 March 2019 - Kaipātiki Kauri Dieback Certification - COMPLETED

13 October 2018 - Kaipātiki Kauri Dieback Certification - COMPLETED

5 October 2018 - Kaipātiki Kauri Dieback Certification - COMPLETED

For inquiries or to pre-register, please contact us.