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Kauri Dieback Management Plan Tutorials

Kauri Dieback Management plans are a simple  plan  developed by reserve groups and approved by Council, the plan is designed to show council staff where and how you will be operating in a designated reserve. The plan you create will be unique to your reserve. 


Management plans need to be easily readable and understandable for council to sign off on the plan. This is mainly because a the management plan you create will be kept by council, and 

Below is our Management Plan tutorial, working through the tutorial will help explain the level of detail you do, and don't, need to include in your plan. 

You may want to have the SOP open as well:
2021 Standard Operating Procedures for Kauri Dieback Mitigation
























Below is the Geomaps tutorial. This is using Auckland Councils Geomaps as the mapping software. Regardless of this, the things that need to be included in your maps are the same whether they are hand drawn, made using ArcGIS, or made using Google Maps. 



























If you have any problems, please email enquiries@pestfreekaipatiki.org.nz