Keep our Kauri Standing

Pest Free Kaipātiki are committed to saving our precious kauri trees and are working hard to reduce the the chances that the disease kauri dieback, will spread. The confirmed  cases of kauri dieback in Kaipātiki  has resulted in the closure of some tracks to ensure that recreational users and dogs do not spread the pathogen from the infected trees to otherwise healthy ones.  While track closures are difficult to deal with, as we all enjoy being in the outdoors, we believe this short term action is necessary to protect the life of these ancient trees.  

We are very grateful to the Kaipātiki Local Board, Auckland Council staff and the whole community for taking steps to limit the spread of Kauri Dieback across other Kauri reserves in Kaipātiki.

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​What is kauri dieback?


Kauri dieback disease is threatening kauri with extinction. There is no cure for kauri dieback disease but there is encouraging research


It can be spread by just a pinhead of soil, and you can't tell by looking whether a tree is infected or not. However, the most common symptoms associated with kauri dieback disease are:

  • Bleeding Gum

  • Yellowing of leaves

  • Thinning Canopy

  • Dead Branches


But kauri will be saved – by people like you.


What can I do?

To keep our kauri trees standing and to prevent the further spread of kauri dieback you can follow these simple steps:

To find out more visit the website:

What is Pest Free Kaipātiki Doing?

A task force has been established who is working with Auckland Council to set up a range of programs which include:

  • Establishing the Ecological Halo programmes around Kauri Reserves to fund predator protection in back yards neighbouring the reserves - the aim is to minimise the rats and possums that can spread phytophthora within the reserve and also to reduce the need for people to go into the forests to set up trap lines.

  • Each summer we have Ambassadors roaming our reserves handing out the Kaipātiki Explorer Guide to educate people to stay out of reserves to prevent further spread of the disease.

  • Pest Free Kaipātiki has established an agreement to work alongside Kauri Rescue which is an organisation to assist private land owners.

  • In 2019, we held the Kauri Hero Poster Competition to encourage children to illustrate how best to protect kauri. The winning designs were printed and placed at the entrance of reserves all across Kaipātiki. All entries won a Kauri Hero Tee Shirt with the steps to save kauri trees printed on the back.

Each summer there will be new campaigns to educate and protect our beautiful kauri in Kaipātiki.

Pest Free Kaipātiki would welcome further volunteers to join the Kauri Task Force. If you are interested - contact us

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