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Kauri Point and Chatswood

Kauri Point & Chatswood volunteers care for the bush land between Onetaunga Road and the coast, together with Chatswood Reserve which covers the kauri forest of upper Duck Creek & Ravenstone Place bush area. Recently we have given support to buffer & halo areas surrounding the park & reserve.

This group (Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve Management Committee) was formed in 1989 as required by QEII National trust and the council management plan. The committee aims are to: Help visitors & locals enjoy the scenic, recreational & biodiversity values. Volunteers are needed for track work, pest control and monitoring, planting, inspections, submissions & kauri dieback cleaning station maintenance. We report to Kaipatiki Local Board & Council and have relationships with Chelsea Regional Park Assn and Pest Free Kaipatiki Restoration Society. 

Committee are always happy to discuss questions regarding tracks, vegetation, problems you have found or ways to volunteer – Please email us: kpcpcr@gmail.com