Our partners

A big thank you to all our amazing partners...

Kaipātiki Local Board (Auckland Council)

The Kaipātiki Local Board provides great support to Pest Free Kaipātiki in terms of resources, relationship building and moral support.  It provides funding in many ways for local bush groups to undertake pest control and restoration.

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Birkenhead Licensing Trust

The Birkenhead Licensing Trust was established by Parliament in 1967 to provide community control over licensed premises in the Birkenhead area and to return the benefits to the community. The trust legislation was amended to allow supermarkets and other liquor outlets, bu the Trust  continues to own two taverns - the "Good Home" in  Birkenhead and "Innfield" in Glenfield. 

The Trust is a net proceeds-committee of the Lion Foundation and is responsible for approving grant funding to the local community groups in Birkenhead and surrounding areas from gaming funds generated by Lion Foundation.

Auckland Council

Auckland Council has a number of departments and CCOs involved in preserving our native biodiversity and controlling environmental pests. These include:

  • Parks

  • Biodiversity

  • Biosecurity

The following CCO’s can play a vital role in pest control and managing our natural heritage:

  • Auckland Transport

  • Watercare

Auckland Council Pest Management Strategy

The Auckland Council has has a Regional Pest Management Strategy in place since 2008.  It is currently preparing a replacement Regional Pest Management Plan.

Regional Environment and Natural Heritage Grant


Auckland Council’s Regional Environment Grants Programme

is focused on the protection, restoration or enhancement of Auckland’s regionally significant natural heritage areas and

projects to encourage and support Aucklanders to adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

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Digital Island

This company is sponsoring Pest Free Kaipātiki to provide us with internet and phone connection.  This is awonderful support - because Fernglen Gardens happens to be in a 3G "hole". Thanks Digital Island.

Predator Free NZ

This is an independent trust established in 2013. They are committed to dramatically reducing NZ’s predator populations, including rats, stoats, possums, weasels and ferrets. They want to protect our native species and see their populations increase in our lifetime. It’s one of the most ambitious conservation projects undertaken in NZ – ambitious, but achievable.

Kiwibank Predator Free Community Award

Predator Free NZ is supported by Kiwibank to provide rat and possum traps to community awards. The Pest Free Kaipātiki programme was fortunate to win an award in November 2016.

Forest and Bird NZ

The Pest Free Kaipātiki programme has received strong support from Forest and Bird North Shore Branch. The branch is doing great work restoring native biodiversity at Tuff Crater in Northcote.

Kaipātiki Project

The Kaipātiki Project has been leading community restoration and environmental education since 1998 - starting in the Kaipātiki Creek area and gradually providing services and support over a wider area. Amongst their many programmes, the help undertake bush restoration in Eskdale and Witheford Reserves. The project is closely involved in the Pest Free Kaipātiki programme.


The website is designed to support community restoration efforts and provide a one-stop-shop to access information and resources. The development of the site was driven by community groups who identified that they wanted one website where they could source and share information in a simple easy format, as well as keep up to date with current conservation information and best practice.

North West Wildlink

The Wildlink project aims to connect and enhance natural areas, including open spaces, stream banks, esplanades, reserves and backyards. This will ultimately provide safe routes and refuges for native plants and animals.

More useful links

NZPCN (NZ Plant Conservation Network)

The Network was founded in April 2003 and has since grown to more than 600 members worldwide. Members work in various ways to protect the unique indigenous plant life of New Zealand. They have an excellent “Search Flora” facility.


Weedbusters is a national organisation about working together to stop weedy plants taking over New Zealand's amazing natural areas. Auckland Council works with weedbusters to run weed control programmes.

ECOV (EcoEngage - Candara Black overlaid


EcoEngage.NZ is a community-led social enterprise set up to help develop and support conservation software such as EcoTrack. It is working to integrate EcoTrack with iNaturalist and CatchIT. The aim is to provide tools that can support individuals and groups in controlling pests and restoring native biodiversity.

New volunteers with relevant skills and interests are welcome.