Pest Plant Training 


With a greater number of neighbours joining ecological halos across Kaipātiki, we are putting on free workshops about invasive weeds.

Restoration Plants.jpg
Restoration Plants.jpg

Invasive weeds smother and kill native bush and habitat. Our forests, birds and other wildlife need our help to keep them healthy and happy.



Attend our workshops or training to learn about:

  • What an invasive weed is

  • How to control weeds (manual or chemical control)

  • Where to start in your own backyard

  • How to use the app EcoTrack to record and monitor progress

  • How to get involved with local community groups

  • How to most effectively talk to your neighbours about the environment's health

Training available

  • Pest plant drop-in sessions - learn more about identifying or controlling pest plants

  • Plant ID workshops - Pest plants and native plants

  • Pest plant control training - outdoor, on-site training

  • Individual or small group training for new volunteers aiming to be part of our pest plant programme

For enquiries or to pre-register, please contact us or email

For more info about controlling invasive weeds, go to:

          Pest Plants: Recognise, Report, Remove, Restore