3. Pest Plant control

Controlling environmental weeds


Identifying what you have and developing a restoration plan is always a good start...

Use the following guides:

Download the North Shore Forest & Bird Weed Control Guide - identify pest plants and the best technique and pesticides for properly and safely removing them.

Other helpful sites:

Auckland Council Search for a plant page - pestplants.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plant-search

Weedbusters - www.weedbusters.org.nz


This year we have introduced the Ecotrack app to report pest plants. 


Create a login and start reporting ANY sites with Moth Plant or Wild Ginger or Woolly Nightshade (or Climbing Asparagus) in the Kaipātiki Local Board area, using your android or iphone:


Go to Apple AppStore or Google Play and install EcoTrack.

Watch our EcoTrack how to videos in our YouTube channel.

For help and support email info@pestfreekaipatiki.org.nz


View the Agile Cloud User Guide (Draft)

Why use an app? Reporting wild ginger and moth plant in your neighbourhood - on public or private land - will enable our team to map the spread of these weeds in Kaipātiki AND help manage and allocate weed work to our volunteer hit squad and contractors. (Note - you can also report any pest plants using the app.)



This year we are targeting Moth Plant, Woolly Nighshade and Wild Ginger - as our top priorities.   Learn how YOU can help stop the pernicious pest plants from spreading!

Email us for more info.

Volunteers and Kaipātiki residents can also borrow tools or pick up free resources at our PFK Toolshed (see our events page for dates).

View the PFK Toolshed List of Pest Plant Control Resources

View the location of free disposal bins and details of what you can dispose of in them


Once you have cleared the weeds, it is important to follow up with planting natives, before the weeds return.  See our Native Restoration page.

Photo: Moth Plant / Credit: Supplied

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3. Native restoration

Working on Reserve land

Want to get involved in voluntary work in your local reserve?


Visit our Join a local group page to find out where existing groups are working and what kind of work they are involved in. Each group has provided a list of regular activities and contact details.


Want to start a new group? Fantastic! If you'd like to start on restoring bush on public or council land, contact us. We offer advice on where to start, put you in contact with a local mentor or restoration advisor and loan equipment, such as weed bags, chew cards (for rat monitoring), traps or gardening tools. 

Photo:  / Supplied

Working on your own land

Restoring Native Bush

If you are embarking on a major weed control project there is quite a lot to learn about the best way to go about this. The best approach is to take some time to put together a Restoration Plan.  

A good place to start is the Auckland Council Biodiversity on your property webpage - http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/environmentwaste/biodiversity/pages/biodiversityonyourproperty.aspx

Getting to know your native plants

Our native bush and forests are a treasure worth preserving. They define what is special about New Zealand, provide habitat to native wildlife, provide ecological services such as cleaning our air, preventing erosion and flooding and provide relaxing locations for us to enjoy ourselves. Getting to know our native plants will enrich your world.


Some places to go to learn more are:

Photo: Tui on flowering harakeke / Credit: Sid Mosdell