Kaipātiki Ecological Halos

The Kaipātiki community is fortunate to live alongside areas of native forest - many containing the magnificent kauri. In recent times these kauri have become threatened by kauri dieback, a water mould that can be easily transported from one forest to another via soil on your shoes or on animals’ paws. As yet the disease has no known cure. 


In order to protect kauri, PFK lobbied hard to close reserves or tracks near kauri, and created the ‘Ecological Halo’ concept - a buffer of kaitiaki (guardian) households around valuable ecological areas.  Households in the halo are supported in enhanced actions against pest plants and predators, intercepting these pest species and so giving our native wildlife a great chance to breed and prosper.

Working with the Kaipātiki Local Board and Auckland Council, we have developed a high level of partnership and coordination. The Auckland Council now has a dedicated targeted rate for pest management, and we are delighted that some of those funds are going towards halo projects in Kaipātiki. 

Where are the first halos?

The council has provided funding for the support of six initial halos, located around at-risk kauri forests and high biodiversity value areas, and where previous community input has paved a way for these halos to flourish. ​Over time, we will add to these initial halos, with the goal being that the entire Kaipātiki Local Board area is covered by 2026.

Halos in development:

Halo 6 - Chelsea Halo

Halo 7 - Le Roys ("Beyond the Fence" area)

Halo 8 - Chatswood Halo

Halo 9 - Beach Haven Halo

If you live near these areas, contact us to find out more.