Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society (Inc)

The ​Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society (Inc), or Pest Free Kaipātiki for short, is an incorporated society with charitable status.

It receives support from many areas including the key sponsors Kaipātiki Local Board, Birkenhead Licensing Trust, Auckland Council, Department of Conservation and Digital Island.

Pest Free Kaipātiki's registered charity number is: # CC55334.


Pest Free Kaipātiki aims to foster a wide range of individual and organisational membership. We believe that anyone who is focused on the objectives of the society and contributes by volunteer work is eligible for membership. 

Admission of Members

The membership of the Society is open to any person or group of persons interested in the Society and supportive of its objectives. To become a Member, a person or an organisation (“the Applicant”) must:

a. Complete an application form, if the Rules, Bylaws or Board requires this; and

b. Supply any other information the Board requires;

The Board shall have complete discretion when it decides whether or not to allow the Applicant to become a Member. The Board shall advise the Applicant of its decision, and that decision shall be final. Members may join the Society by making a donation or doing voluntary work. The Society may raise money by raising a joining fee, subscription or levy on different classes of members from time to time subject to approval of an appropriate policy by a General Meeting.

To become a member, please email 

Pest Free Kaipātiki Board members and re-election

In 2017, Pest Free Kaipātiki stakeholders formed the Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society (Inc).

The elected board members at the November 2021 AGM are:

Joan Knight  

Stuart Barton
Keith Salmon
Andy Irwin
Dan Bidois
Rahul Chopra
Rob Eller
Lyndsay Taylor
Lisa West

Our Rules

If you want to know more about the PFK's rules, please click on this link: 

Rules of the Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society Incorporated.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteering is an important activity which aims to be mutually rewarding to the community, the society and to volunteers and participants. To ensure that we meet these aims all volunteers are expected to read and abide by our Volunteer Code of Conduct.  Click here to view the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Kaipātiki Restoration Network (KRN)

The Kaipātiki Restoration Network was set up around 2009 to bring members of the many bush restoration groups together to share knowledge and experience.  The KRN has grown to over 25 member groups which get together for regular meetings and collaborate to share knowledge.  For more information see the page Join a local group.  The Kaipātiki Restoration Network is now evolving into a grouping of bush restoration groups which help each other, meet regularly for mutual support and learning and also work with their local communities in the "Halos" around their reserves.

Contact Us

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