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Helpers needed for targeted letter drop this summer

This summer, Pest Free Kaipātiki plans to deliver letters to 12,000 properties across Kaipātiki in streets where our target pest plant species have previously been reported, i.e. those properties that we know are host to moth plant, woolly nightshade, wild ginger and other nasty environmental weeds.

The letters will outline the new Auckland Council rules under the Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) that will require people in many areas of Kaipātiki to remove pest plants from their own properties. We hope to get the message out about why its so important to tackle pest plants in our own backyards and provide support and advice on what actions people can take. This way, we can collectively protect our precious bush reserves .

We won't be able to reach everyone we need to without help from lots of people like you! If you can spare one or two hours of your time this summer, please get in touch with us at

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