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Meet Nic Charlton, our new Pest Plant Campaign Coordinator

Pest Free Kaipātiki welcomes our new Pest Plant Campaign Coordinator Nic Charlton.

Nic comes to us with a background in Ecology, with a Masters in Entomology and PhD on the behavior of bumble bees, as well as education, having been a school teacher and developed online courses for higher education.

He has been in New Zealand for a little over a year, having moved here from the UK, and has been enjoying learning about the native flora and fauna in addition to the special challenges of protecting those species from invasive pests and predators.

He is passionate about conservation, motivating him to volunteer at Auckland Zoo, and has been supporting the EcoTrack platform as part of the EcoEngage team.

He is looking forward to contributing to the Pest Free Kaipātiki team of staff and volunteers, particularly for the Pest Plant Campaign, where he hopes to use his scientific and motivational skills to keep moving the project forward.

He is especially looking forward to meeting many of the amazing volunteers all over Kaipātiki who help protect and restore the native environment, and celebrating their efforts.

Thank you to the amazing efforts of Carla Fonseca who has been assisting us on short term contract. We wish Carla all the best with the future.

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