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Welcome to our new Restoration Assistant Jeremiah (Jem) Raffills

Jeremiah (or Jem) is a student at the University of Auckland studying Ecology, specializing in Biosecurity and Conservation.

Jem has a rather large fascination with New Zealand wildlife, in particular, the Bird side of things. He's lived in the Kaipatiki area his entire life, and says it's been wonderful to see the rise in native bird song throughout the area over the past few years.

Jem is also very passionate about the greening of our urban areas, not only for native wildlife but for the health benefits for humans as well.

He is looking forward to contributing to an incredible group of people and volunteers, especially in the areas of pest eradication and citizen sciences.

Jem would also like to be able to aid in establishing a campaign for native insects, in order to appreciate their importance in our ecosystems.

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