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April predator pulse

People at home, already with traps and resources ready to go you should start their pulse in April as usual. Make sure if you use DITRAC bait that you have enough (at least 20 blocks per station) to last you the pulse otherwise you might create sick rats, not dead rats.

While in level 4, unfortunately the PFK toolshed and distribution of NEW traps and tools isn't able to proceed. We therefore suggest that we have another catchup pulse once we move from level 4 to level three or lower. PFK will have a hygiene process in place when this occurs so people can learn what to do, cover health and safety and pick up physical resources (including bait supply) for those who have run out. Our information guides can be found on our website here and we encourage everyone to share how they are progressing with us.The easiest way to do this is via EcoTrack. Towards the end of the lockdown, we will provide a bit of a report on how many things have been trapped and bait eaten.

Council work in reserves under its Eco Contracts - including monitoring and predator control - will be on hold during the Level 4 lockdow. Our reserves and green spaces are therefore more vulnerable at this time. Volunteers can't get out to monitor these lines, so it's a great opportunity to provide defence for our wildlife and reserves by simply trapping at home.

Controlling predators at home while in lockdown is really easy! A single bait station can take as little as 4-6 minutes per pulse to maintain! Check out how often we recommend you check in our guides here. A trap should be checked a bit more frequently, but again you are looking at close to 10 minutes per trap per pulse to provide defence to your property and surrounding area.

Image credit Danielle Charlton

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