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Replenishing your pest control resources

With the move from to Alert Level 3, PFK are organising a way Kaipatiki residents and community members can safely access the pest control resources they need. This will include things such as:

  • Bait supply to continue the April-May predator pulse

  • New traps/stations to distribute to neighbours as a halo street coordinator

  • Herbicide gel replenishment

  • Special tools not able to be accessed elsewhere (i.e pod pluckers, sickles)

  • Street signs

  • Kauri dieback control resources (i.e sterigene spray)

We are recommending that you supply your own personal protection equipment that you would usually require for weed work (i.e gloves, dust masks and eye-ware).

Safety and reduced transmission of potential diseases is extremely important to us. Therefore there won't be face to face handover of resources in level 3 from the toolshed at this stage. Instead you will let us know what you need in advance, and we will give you an allocated 'slot' and location where you can pick your resources up from securely. Appropriate sterilisation aids will be available and instructions will be given via email.

Therefore if you need resource replenishment, please use this form and email back to PFK at your earliest convenience. We will then email you back with a confirmed time you can collect and further instructions. There may be some delays in this process in an attempt to keep everyone as safe and happy as possible, so please bear with us. There may well be people in the community unable to make it to our alternative toolshed pickup location due to age or transport restrictions, and your help could be very much appreciated.

If you are a resident in your street, willing to hold onto a supply of bait or traps and distribute slowly and safely to neighbours in the area, please let us know your interest at Thank you.

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