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Important restoration mahi (work) around Waipa street.

Pest Plant Hit Squad members Roger and Paul ready to tackle moth plant near Waipa Street.

The pest plant hit squad tackled a range of weeds, including removal of hundreds of moth plant pods, woolly nightshade, and privet species. It is also a site with a number of beautiful kauri, so everyone working there followed strict hygiene protocols to reduce the risk of spreading kauri dieback spores. Tackling the weeds on this site will help protect these incredible kauri trees for years to come.

Local residents have expressed their eagerness to help and are very supportive of the efforts to restore and protect this site. Discussions are now starting about forming a group of these residents to help tackle weeds, in addition to contributing to predator control in the area. If you live near Waipa Street and are interested and able to help, please get in touch.

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