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Celebrate Neighbours Day with some street tree love

Not all of our neighbours are people - Kaipātiki is blessed with a wealth of beautiful tree, bird and other animal neighbours along with all the fantastic people. We are celebrating Neighbours Day (18-27 March) by presenting Street Tree Love, an ongoing campaign to support trees in our neighbourhoods, that can sometimes miss out on the attention that trees in our parks receive, but that bring just as many benefits to us all.

Street trees are a fantastic addition to our urban ngahere/forest, and just like all trees, they do best with a bit of care. Looking after our street trees is a simple and easy way to positively improve the local environment for ourselves, our children, neighbours and all the wonderful wildlife that live here. All you need is a bit of mulch, a bit of water and some care with mowing. To make caring for our street trees even easier for you, we are providing mulch as well as tips and tricks for how to best do the rest. This is a great activity to do with kids, or for people who aren’t quite up to more vigorous volunteer activities like weeding or planting. Every small positive action in our communities builds up and together we can support our urban ngahere to thrive.

Sign up today by emailing with your name and street name in the subject line!

In case you need some more convincing, here are some bonus facts about why street trees are worth the love:

  • Street trees keep our pavements and parked cars cool during hot sunny weather.

  • Street trees can act as biodiversity corridors linking different parks and other green spaces together.

  • Street trees slow traffic and make our streets safer to walk and play on.

  • Street trees are frontline workers cleaning our air from traffic fumes and producing oxygen for us to breathe.

  • Street trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.

  • Street trees make our urban environment more beautiful.

For more information on our Street Tree Love initiative click here.

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