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Hinemoa Halo - VIP Project

In November 2021, an awesome VIP fund project started in the Hinemoa Halo! The VIP fund (or Volunteer Initiatives Programme) is simply a small grant available to volunteers or groups of landowners, to help them achieve some kind of environmental programm and need support in their attempts to rid areas of pest plants. Read more about the VIP fund here. This VIP project will be working to remove weed species and predator species from Tizard road’s coastal/cliff face properties, allowing native coastal plants, trees and birds to thrive. The local community is working towards a pest free strip of coastline cliffs, all the way from Brassey Reserve, to Hinemoa Reserve. Our vision for this project is that once this coastline strip is weed free, the two reserves on either side will act as a barrier for pest weeds and pest predators. This will halt re-invasions, as well as creating an awesome pest-free zone in Kaipàtiki. These cliff face coastal ecosystems are becoming increasingly rarer, and need to be protected to maintain a snapshot of what Auckland was in the past. This awesome initiative would not have been possible had it not been for the tizard road inhabitants answering the call for help, and for the work they have done so far on their amazing section of coast. Soon, contractors from Te Ngahere will be going to certain houses along Tizard road and removing select weeds found on site!

If you live on tizard road or in the Hinemoa halo, and you’re keen to help create a pest free area - there may be some help that can be given to you - please get in touch with us by email:

Special thanks to our VIP funders, the Kaipātiki Local Board (KLB), the Birkenhead Licensing Trust, Auckland Council, the Department of Conservation and other funding providers.

Below is an image of what this strip could look like!

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