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Linley Reserve a hidden gem!

Photos by Jacky Grant*

Come and visit Linley Reserve in Hillcrest, it has a lot to offer! You will find a playground, large field, bush walkway with tall trees, silver ferns, wildflowers and a fairy trail which makes for a lovely visit. See if you can spot any of the resident eels, which are a protected species, while you are there. If you are into rock painting, you will be delighted to know there are lots of painted rocks to find and re-hide. It truly is a magical place!

We want to encourage everyone to get out and explore Kaipātiki and part of being a kauri hero is protecting our taonga and visiting places that haven’t got any kauri.

Follow Friends of Linley Reserve, a community group dedicated to improving this quiet and secluded reserve, so everyone can enjoy it. They hold weed attacks, working bees and events. Please make sure you follow their page and regularly check their events section to see if you can join in!

*Jacky’s contribution to the Fight for the Wild in Kaipātiki has been through photography. We feel Jacky and her assistant -featured in one of the photos- have captured the essence of Linley Reserve. We are very grateful for her time and attention to detail!

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