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Join the Massive Moth Plant Hunt 2021!

Bag some moth plant pods and bag a free native plant

Register here to take part

Collect moth plant pods this April
Moth plant pods split releases hundreds of tiny seeds
Destructive moth plant seeds

Across the Kaipātiki area, horrible moth plant is producing it’s big, green seed pods. If we do nothing, they will soon burst - sending hundreds of thousands of seeds to land in our backyards and precious reserves.

Volunteers have been removing moth plant from hundreds of sites across Kaipātiki since last November

- but there are still 101 sites left to fix before the pods burst.

We need 30 helpers in Kaipātiki to visit just a few moth plant sites each, during April and beyond.

Can you be one of them?

We’ll provide you with:

  • simple “how to" guide

  • kit of moth plant busting resources

  • locations of a few sites - as close to your home as possible

  • a contact phone number for you to call if you need assistance

Everyone contributing by collecting pods and controlling vines will receive a

free native plant.

Sign up to be part of the Massive Moth Plant Hunt 2021.

Help your local environment and get a plant in return.

Please note: this campaign is only for the Kaipātiki Local Board area

Moth plant on a fence in Northcote - spotted, reported and removed by a volunteer. Nice work! / Photo: Petra Kent.

Moth Plant is a horribly invasive pest vine. It strangles other vegetation, traps monarch butterflies in its sticky sap and spreads widely - each pod contains 500+ seeds that can be dispersed by the wind all over the North Shore and even to offshore islands.

We need your help to get this pest plant under control… You can do your bit by helping in the following ways:

  • Visit some neighbours or knock on a few doors and help others to bag pods and pull out or cut and paste vines.

  • If you see moth plant vines with pods or flowers, report the address and other details on EcoTrack or by email to - if possible speak to the owner/occupant and ask for permission to tackle the pods.

  • Note - at this time of year, we focus on vines with pods and flowers - BUT PLEASE report sites with no pods or flowers - we can go back later to remove small plants.

If you’d like to volunteer, email and add your name in the subject header (e.g. 'Your name would like to join the hunt for moth plant')

Sign up now to join the Massive Moth Plant Hunt this April and receive

a free native plant for your efforts

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