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Pest plant of the month! Wild Ginger

Wild ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum and H. flavescens) does serious damage to our natural areas. It spreads across the ground, chokes out other plants, and prevents new ones from growing by forming dense mats. It can easily spread by seeds or fragments of roots, called rhizomes, and can invade our native forests, bush areas, and gardens.

Wild ginger is much easier to control when it’s young. Keep an eye out for seedlings and pull them up if they come out easily. Although it’s past the main flowering season now, this is an important time to control the plants. If you see the seed heads or flowers, cut them off and put them in your household waste collection.

Did you know that if you live in a buffer zone within Kaipātiki, you are required to control selected pest plants by law warranted under the Biosecurity Act? Wild ginger is one of those pest plants.

Find out more about buffer zones here:

Get comprehensive advice on recognising, removing and disposing of wild ginger here:

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