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PFK Tool-Library - An additional 'Contactless' option

Note: This post was originally published September 2021. For current information visit our Toolshed page

During the COVID level 3 and lower lockdowns, we utilized a new option at the PFK Tool-Library to distribute resources to our hard working community. The Contactless option was so useful for those unable to make the regular Tool-Library open days, that we in 2022 are operating both options.

How does it work?

You can visit the PFK Tool-Library on it's usual open days, but you can also borrow items now by requesting them by filling in this form here. In the form you'll be asked to specify which item(s) you need. Once this is submitted, you'll receive an email within one week confirming that your items are ready. The confirmation email will also outline further instructions on accessing the storage cupboard where your items will be waiting for you. Notes: - Items won't be prepared on Sundays. - Timms traps and DOC traps are not available for loan under contactless Tool-Library guidelines, unless you have previous experience using these traps. These require a Health and Safety demonstration in person.

Need to borrow items? Fill in this form.

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