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The Maramataka

Recently, some of the PFK crew here had the honour and pleasure of attending an online workshop presented by Ayla Hoeta and facilitated by our Auckland Council Community Park Rangers, to learn about the maramataka (traditional Māori calendar). It was really inspiring to learn about the deep-seated traditional knowledge that has been gained through years and years of observations of the natural world, the pull of the sun and moon - and how this affects our natural world and even conservation work today. Did you know there are certain times of the lunar cycle that are best for planting! These are called the Tangaroa days (days of high productivity) in the maramataka.

We were also motivated to hear that there are special days set aside for giving back to nature in the maramataka. These Koha days include

- 'Huna' giving back to the ocean,

- 'Oike' giving back to the land,

- 'Ōtāne', giving back to the forest and

- 'Ōuenuku' giving back to the air and sky as well as your own mental wellbeing.

It made us think how we might make particular effort on these Koha days each month to give back to Kaipātiki....

Perhaps we might monitor the health of a stream, or do a quick beach clean-up for the Huna day (next 12th December 2021), or on the 30th December 2021, we might participate in the Ōtāne day, by weeding invasive plants out of our most local reserve forest.

What ways might you give back? We would love to hear how you might reciprocate the bounty New Zealand ecology gives us - if you want to share head over to our PFK facebook group and let us know your ideas to inspire others!

Thank you so much to Ayla and our park rangers for including us for such an interesting and relevant workshop. We look forward to learning more.

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