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The New PFK HQ - an update

Soon we will be able to spread our wings!

The new PFK HQ

We are underway planning and preparing our new PFK Headquarters. Imagine; we will be able to open the Tool Shed on a daily basis and we will have somewhere to assemble our long awaited Kaka nests we are planning to install in parts of Kaip​​ātiki!

We are grateful for the recent generous help from Clint at Green Gorilla, and generous services from Mike Ashmore of Cuthbert Ashmore Consultants and architect Graeme Burgess and Emilio at Burgess Streep.

The hardy Friday afternoon crew!!

But we need your help to make repairs before we can move in. Do you have some 4x2 languishing in your shed, some nails or other unused materials you could donate? A spare broom, microwave, shelving? Can you offer carpentry skills, paint a wall, or bring in scones??

We have work parties on Friday afternoons. Come and join the fun, call Jo on 0212799487.

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