Predator Control Training 


Wouldn't it be wonderful to have Saddleback safe and happy, feeding in our backyards across Kaipātiki.


Predator control is one thing we can all do to create SAFE habitat for birds to nest, roost, breed and feed.

We know through our Citizen Science Month data, that large rodent populations exist across Kaipātiki, and those rats and mice are searching for food. Not only that... they have the potential to hammer native bird populations and insects in our backyards and bush reserves.


Even if you don't see rats... they will be there...

As more and more people get involved with the ecological halos around Kaipātiki - we want to make sure everyone is happy and confident with their predator trapping.

Learn why and how we should control introduced predators - Rats, Mice, Possum, Hedgehog, Stoats and Wasps. Trapping or baiting is every easy and incredibly helpful.

If you are a seasoned volunteer we welcome you to come along and network with other keen trappers, or if entirely new - please join us and learn more.


Kaipātiki residents may qualify for free traps, so do bring along proof of address to this workshop if you are interested.

Finally, bring along your smartphone to be able to use the new app EcoTrack to easily record and share results on trapping.

Training Dates

28 March 2020, 4-6pm - Free Workshop: Predator Control Training - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

22 June 2019  - Free Workshop: Predator Control Training - COMPLETED

16 March 2019 - Free Workshop: Predator Control Training - COMPLETED

For inquiries or to pre-register, please contact us.

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