Be a pest free hero in 2018!

December 31, 2017

This year why not help save local biodiversity, starting in your own backyard or add some fulfilling community action to your life.  Here are our top SIX Pest Free Kaipātiki New Year Resolutions. Happy New Year everyone!



1. Rid your property of rats and possums
Buy a trap and join the Predator Blitz this year. 



PFK are synchronising a baiting programme in Jan/Feb, April and August in several reserves and surrounding neighbourhoods. Read our blog for trap prices and how Kaipātiki residents can get involved.


2. Remove pest weeds from your property

​​DOC have come up with a Dirty Dozen - a baker's dozen (13) of the most harmful pest weeds to our native biodiversity - are any of these hiding out in your backyard?


Starting this February, if you have moth plant or wild ginger, we'd like all Kaipātiki residents to recognise and remove it (and report them using the app, available to download after Feb 1).


Download the Forest & Bird Weed Guide for the recommended removal methods.

3. Plant a native in your garden this year (especially flowering species) to encourage birds, bugs and bees...

Try a hardy species like kanuka, manuka, pohutukawa, harakeke (flax), kowhai, hebe, rengarenga or a native ground cover.



Winter is best for planting, once flowering season is over and new growth slows. If planting in late summer, trim off flowers and older foliage and make sure the soil and roots are well watered. Plant in early morning when the ground is cooler.



4. Go for a bush walk (at least once a week*) 

Take time out to appreciate the wonderful bush and reserves on your doorstep. Download the Kaipātiki Explorer for detailed maps of Kaipātiki reserves.* improves mental health and wellbeing :)



Note: Always use the shoe-cleaning stations when entering AND exiting a kauri reserve to prevent spread of kauri dieback, keep on the track and your dogs on a leash).


5. Volunteer to help the bush and the birds…


There are many options to suit everyone. Starting this month, you can volunteer some time to Pest Free Kaipātiki to:

- help with possum and rat trapping in a reserve
- help distribute traps in your neighbourhood
- join a local restoration group for regular working bees or a single session
- join a pest weed hit squad!

From February 1 it is open season on Kaipātiki’s “Dirty Duo” - Moth Plant and Wild Ginger - help us flush ‘em out!


Sign up now to become a PFK Volunteer in 2018



6. Show you're proud to be living in a #pestfreeKaipatiki

Share and tag your photos on social media...


Follow us on Instagram  - @pestfreekaipatiki

Facebook - @pestfreekaipatiki

and Twitter - @pfkaipatiki 

PS - Volunteers - don't forget to add Pest Free Kaipātiki to your LinkedIn profile.



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