Start tracking your progress

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start tracking your predator and weed performance by registering on the Pest Free Kaipatiki EcoTrack APP .

The app has been specifically designed to assist us understand what and where pest plants and animals are, and track the progress communities and individuals are making to reduce them and help restore our native bush and allow our birds to prosper.

To date there have been over 1600 pest plant records placed on the EcoTrack App of which 863 pest plants have been controlled within the Kaipatiki area since it was made publicly available late last year (image below).

The following image show the registration of pest plants in the Kaipatiki area (green indicated controlled, grey only reported, amber - reported someone will target or do soon).

Order of highest reported: Moth plant > Ginger > Woolly nightshade > Pampas > Wattle > Climbing asparagus > Queen of the Night > Blue morning glory > japanese honeysuckle.

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