Citizen Science Month 2019 - Bird Counts Kaipatiki

Finally all the results of August’s Citizen Science Month are in! A big thank you to all the volunteers who got involved and monitored reserve chew card lines, and to those of you at home and on the streets who reported weeds, bird counts, created photopoints and registered an interest in monitoring the health of our streams

Across the month 95 volunteers gave a whopping 265 hours of monitoring time. Their contribution to science helps us target campaigns and action for the care of certain areas of our Kaipātiki landscape.

You can read the results of each monitoring topic in our PFK blog (there are four), and if you want to get further involved and take action – all the information you will need to get started is in the blog on our website.

Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society is committed to protecting and enhancing all forms of our native biodiversity through pest control and restoration. Birds are at the top of most people's list when they think of making our neighbourhoods a wildlife haven. For them to flourish we need to do three things as is the mantra of the North-West Wildlink; create Connected habitat (i.e plant natives for food and homes), create Safe habitat (i.e free from predators) and create Healthy habitat (free from the pressures of invasive weeds). But how will we know we if we are gaining towards our goal? Observations are a great start, but if you really want to track how we are doing (and have some enjoyable time out in the bush), we can monitor birds through five-minute bird counts. Anyone can do these with or without experience, and this year was incorporated into Citizen Science Month.

A massive thank you to our funders and sponsors who provided spot prizes for participation and volunteering awards. Our thanks to the Kaipātiki Local Board, Auckland Council including the Research and Evaluation Unit and Birkenhead Licencing Trust for making Citizen Science Month possible. Thank you Kaipātiki Project, Bunnings Warehouse, New World, Key Industries, 100 Percent New Zealand, Te Ngahere, Samsung and Andrea Reid from Pollinator Paths for your generosity!