Make use of the community pest plant disposal bins this summer

As you get stuck into your summer weeding at home, around your neighbourhood and in your local reserve, please remember to make good use of our community pest plant disposal bins!

All residents within the Kaipātiki Local Board area can use these bins for FREE to safely dispose of parts of pest plants that might disperse and regrow. We are particularly targeting:

  • Moth Plant - seeds/seed pods (securely tied in bags), roots

  • Wild Ginger - seed heads, rhizomes and roots

  • Woolly nightshade - seed heads, flower heads

  • Madeira Vine - aerial nodules/seeds/seed pods (securely tied in bags), roots

  • Climbing asparagus vine - roots, or whole plant (if seeds present) seeds, seed heads, pods

Bins are available at the following locations:

Beach Haven: Beach Haven Community House, 140 Beach Haven Road Birkdale: Kauri Park School, 4 Mcglashen Place, pool car park Glenfield/Bayview: Bayview Community Centre, 72 Bayview Road Birkenhead/Northcote: Huka Road - bottom of the road on the left

If you notice that any of these bins are full, please get in touch as soon as possible to let us know at

Other pest weeds accepted in pest plant disposal bins:

  • Brush wattle - seed pods only

  • Banana passionfruit - roots and seed pods

  • Monstera deliciosa (Fruit salad plant) - all parts

  • Agapanthus - flowers, seed heads and roots

  • Ivy - seed heads

  • Privet - seed heads

  • Loquat, Acmena - fruit/seeds (but not branches)

  • Bangalow and Phoenix palm seeds

Absolutely not accepted:

  • Bamboo or giant reed - leave on site to break down

  • Large branches from brush wattle, privet, acmena (monkey apple), loquat or other shrubs - leave on site to break down

  • Jasmine, Blue Morning Glory, Tradescantia - we can lend you a ginger barrel or weed bag to help decompose these on site.

**Note many invasive seeds and other regenerative weed tissues can be rotted in a barrel of water (lid on) within 1-2 years or composted in special ‘weed bags’ for 1 year+. These are great options if you are an organic, chemical-free property.

For more information, email, visit our website or pop in to one of our toolshed events:

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