Are you using EcoTrack? - Update on our tool used to help tackle pests across the region.

Have you heard of EcoTrack? Are you already using it? EcoTrack is an online tool that helps all of us with the amazing pest control work that you and all our volunteers take part in. It is extremely important that we all report on the great work we are doing and EcoTrack lets us do this. Don’t let your hard work and volunteer hours go unnoticed - report pest weeds and your predator control in EcoTrack. This also provides information to council and other funding bodies on where we are having success and helps us know where to focus our resources, therefore having a greater, positive impact.

EcoTrack has a smartphone app that allows you to report pest weeds from wherever you are and record your visits to traps or bait stations. Accessing EcoTrack from your home computer can also be used for Street Champions and coordinators to log volunteer hours from events, such as working bees, and connect with and help volunteers in their area.

We have just created a set of videos (link to our YouTube playlist) to go alongside guides to help you get started with the app. We strongly encourage you to use the app for any pest control efforts you are involved in, whether they are every week or just once a year.

EcoTrack is constantly being improved, so even if you’ve tried in the past, please try again as there are new features being added all the time.

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