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Join in a global biodiversity survey by adding to the PFK Nature Challenge and the Auckland City Nature Challenge.

What is the City Nature Challenge?

The annual, global City Nature Challenge runs from 30th April to 3rd May and aims to record as many species as possible in a short, busy period. Known as a bioblitz (see definition below), these surveys add to our understanding of the natural world and the species around us.

This video explains more about the City Nature Challenge

PFK are contributing to the Auckland Tamaki Makaurau City Nature Challenge, and you can too!

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How does it work?

We want you to record any living species you find between 30th April and 3rd May using iNaturalist (see below).

You can record absolutely anything as long as it's alive. Plants, birds, insects, spiders, fish, fungi, lichen, etc.. Aim to record wild things (not a pet or a plant in a pot)

Look in your backyard, your local reserve, while walking along a road, your place of work or study, anywhere you find living things. The best places will be more natural places, or places with vegetation, such as your backyard, an area of bush, or a reserve - but always stay on tracks in reserves, and stay away from kauri trees.

Look around you, look under things, look behind things. Particular insects, spiders and other invertebrates could be almost anywhere. Lots of plants can also be found growing all