Madeira vine - nasty nodules and vicious vines!

March's pest plant of the month is Madeira vine

Flowering Madeira vine, beginning to strangle red matipo (Myrsine australis).

Madeira Vine (Anredera cordifolia also known as Mignonette vine) is a really distinctive and really damaging pest plant. The tough, knobbly vines worm their way up, through, or over our native and garden plants, smothering, snapping branches with their weight, and eventually killing or toppling them. It mostly spreads through the nodules which grow along the vines and break off easily.

Twisted and rough stems and vines of Madeira vine showing the nodules.

It is more difficult to control when the plants are large, partly because they drop so many nodules. So get out there and find them while they are small and easy to pull up.

Madeira vine seedling with the nodule, new leaves and growing stem.

There are 2 things on our side in the battle to eradicate Madeira vine:

  1. It doesn’t travel far. The nodules only fall where they are, and it doesn’t produce seeds. Without humans transporting the nodules in garden waste, it would likely never spread.