Meet the volunteers around Kauri Point and Chatswood

Visit to Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve

In early November, Restoration Advisor Nic Charlton visited the volunteers of Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve to learn about the area, the people involved, and the restoration activities taking place. Read on to learn more about his visit.

Ever gone for a walk around one of Kaipātiki’s reserves and wondered who keeps the tracks neat and tidy? Well, if you’ve walked the tracks around Kauri Point Centennial Park or Chatswood reserve you would have been helped by the efforts of the volunteers in that area. One of their many activities is helping to keep tracks clear, removing or reporting windfall, trimming plants away from the track edge, and clearing drains and channels to keep the tracks looking their best. They also pick up rubbish, an all too common activity, that has been disposed of carelessly. I visited them to find out more.

I arrive at Onetaunga Road in Chatswood, opposite a sign confirming this to be Kauri Point Centennial Park, and find several people wearing high-vis vests and carrying a few tools, in front of a green wall of native trees.

Sign at the Onetaunga Road entrance to Kauri Point Centennial Park

I’ve come to meet some of the amazing volunteers and supporters of Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve (KPCPCR) - a group which has been around since 1989. Brian, David R, Robert, Peter, and David S are all eager to start work, but I delay them a bit longer to ask them a few questions about themselves and the work they do here.

Volunteers Brian, David Roberts, Robert, Peter, and David Skarrats about to start work in the reserve

First of all I speak to Peter who, although not as physically mobile as he used to be, still plays an important role in maintaining the 5 kauri dieback cleaning stations around the reserves, refilling the disinfectant and checking brushes and equipment are in good working order. He also tops up the park brochures at entrances, which disappear quickly on a sunny weekend.