Street Tree Love Campaign

Street Tree Love is an easy way for you to help contribute to your local environment and help Kaipātiki’s street trees to grow and flourish.

We are inviting you to adopt a street tree over summer, when they are facing the most stress. We will give you tips about avoiding mower damage, how to mulch and water to give our trees the best support. We will also help you find out more about the type of tree that you are caring for and what you can expect from it as it grows,

flowers and fruits.

Street trees belong to Auckland Council, who are aiming to increase the number of streets with trees on their verges as part of their Urban Ngahere plan. By caring for a tree you are caring for a piece of the environment that belongs to all Aucklanders, for their benefit and the benefit of the wonderful wildlife that we share this city with. A healthy street tree contributes hugely to our environment in many ways. 


Get in touch with us to sign up so that we can ensure there aren’t any tree double-ups and we will help you with information and resources to care for your adopted tree - email with your name, your street name and STL in the subject line.

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