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Do you live within the Halo area?

Verran Gully Halo encompasses several large  Significant Ecological Areas (SEA), including two endangered ecosystem types; Kauri, podocarp, broadleaved forest and Taraire, tawa, podocarp forest. 

Verran Gully, Castleton Reid, Ridgewood and Park Hill Reserves and the nearby surrounding streets make up the Verran Gully Halo and it is bounded by Castleton street, Verbana, Mokoia Road and Roseberry Ave.

Verran Gully Halo - Chew Card Results (Facebook Post)1.png
Verran Gully Halo - Chew Card Results (Facebook Post)1.png

2021 Chew Card Campaign Results 

Thanks to everyone involved! Have a look at the chew card campaign results for Verran Gully Halo.



  • Very low evidence of possum (1% RA)

  • Moderate levels of rats (27% RA)

  • Low levels of Mice found (13% RA)

  • Castleton Reid has very high rat abundance.

Click here for detailed Chew Card Campaign Results. 

Verran Gully Halo - Chew Card Results (Facebook Post)2.png

For more information...

Visit the Verran Gully Halo Facebook group to connect with people in the Halo, join discussions, find out about events and how you can get involved.

The Verran Gully Halo Community Plan, which can be downloaded by clicking the image on the left, contains more information on the restoration work that has been developed for the area.

Verran Gully Community Plan 2021-2026 Fr

Contribute to the Halo

There are many things you can do to be a part of the Verran Gully Halo.  See some of the different ways people contribute below.


Host a control device

Help to keep predator numbers low by putting a control device on your property.

Click here for more info on predator control.

bwmp planting day 1.jpg

Help plant native species

Join us on a planting day and help put some native species back in the ground.

Click here to see our events calendar.

Join a weeding bee

Help remove some invasive species while socializing with the community.

Click here to see our events calendar.

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Monitor and report predators

Report chew card results and trap catches in our app to help monitor the predators in the area.

Click here for more info on predator monitoring.

How do I get involved?

By visiting our contact us page and filling out our 'Get Involved Here' form or sending us a message.

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