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Protect Our Taonga


Together we can protect, support and restore our native species and habitats - our natural taonga.

There are four main ways we can support native ecosystems and species, and allow them to thrive despite the challenges caused by pest introductions, diseases and habitat destruction. 

1. Create Healthy spaces - where native plants thrive and are free from pest plants that destroy ecosystems.

2. Create Safe spaces - where native animals are safe from predators.

3. Create Connected spaces - where native environments are restored through planting.

4. Create Responsible behaviour - that prevents diseases like myrtle rust or kauri dieback from spreading.


Preserve Our Reserves

One of the best ways to encourage native bird life back into Kaipātiki is to reduce the numbers of invasive mammal species in the area. Invasive mammals like possums, rats, mice, stoats, and hedgehogs all destroy native birds, and native plant life that in turn starves the native birdlife.

Pest Free Kaipātiki offers free traps to borrow, and advice to ensure that you are effectively helping out the environment. Visit our predator control and Citizen Science pages to find out more. 

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