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Our Story

We are the Pest Free Kaipātiki Restoration Society (PFK) and we exist to restore and protect the natural environment of Kaipātiki by working with the community.

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Our vision is to create a world where birds and other native wildlife flourish, and everyone works together to support our natural heritage.


PFK was created by Kaipātiki volunteers who started out as the Kaipātiki Restoration Network. The Kaipātiki Restoration Network was formed in 2009 and brought together volunteer bush restoration groups in Northcote, Birkenhead, Birkdale, Beach Haven, Glenfield, Tōtaravale, Hillcrest and other parts of the Kaipātiki Local Board area, with support from the Kaipātiki Local Board and Council specialists in the Parks, Biodiversity and Biosecurity Departments.

Discussions around a new organisation began in 2015 and resulted in the formation of PFK as an Incorporated Society in 2017, receiving charitable status the following year. Volunteers soon observed gains not just in ecological restoration, but also in greater community connection and wellbeing and this is now a key priority of the society. 

The Kaipātiki Restoration Network has evolved into a number of bush restoration groups which help each other, meet regularly for mutual support and learning, and also work with their local communities in the Halos around their reserves.


For more information about volunteer groups, please see our Join a Local Group page.

PFK is a local umbrella organisation that works with and connects the community and partner organisations, through activities aimed at native habitat restoration and protection. We created PFK for the Kaipātiki community because we felt it was important to connect the community with the tools, knowledge and support needed to restore and enhance our local natural environment.

Our Annual Report

Pest Free Kaipātiki in 2022-2023

You can read more about our recent stories and progress in our annual report below. This is for the period July 2022 to June 2023.

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