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Buffer Weeds Project

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Protecting Our Parks from Pests

A park buffer is an area surrounding a park with restrictions on pest plants to protect parks with particularly special ecological values. The Regional Pest Management Plan sets objectives and rules about how we manage pests across Auckland.

If you live in a buffer zone within Kaipātiki, you are required to control selected pest plants by law warranted under the Biosecurity Act including:

  • Moth plant

  • Woolly nightshade

  • Wild ginger

  • Climbing and bushy asparagus

  • Rhamnus


PFK recommends that you control not just the above, but all pest plants. Your garden and our environment will thank you. PFK is here to help neighbours meet their obligations to the wider community and natural environment. We can provide advice on where to start, what to target, provide access to resources and connections with others to help you. 

You can read more about buffer zones at Tiaki Tāmaki Makaurau.

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