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Kauri Point Halo

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Kauri Point Halo

The Kauri Point Halo includes some of the most spectacularly wild places in Auckland.  The reserves in the Halo have been designated as a Biodiversity Focus Area due to their diverse and unique wildlife. Mangrove and raupō wetlands that transition into mature broad-leaved forest can be discovered within.  These ecosystems are home to a number of bird species including banded rails, riroriro, kōtare, ruru and tūī to name a few.

Visit the Soldiers Bay & Kauri Point Domain Restoration Group Facebook page to connect with people in the Halo, join discussions, find out about events and how you can get involved.

The Kauri Point, Muriel Fisher and Fernglen Community Plan contains more information on the restoration work that has been developed for the area.

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