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Kaipātiki Walking Guide

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Get out and about safely in our beautiful environment

Download a copy of the latest Kaipātiki Explorer Guide here.

We are very grateful to the Kaipātiki Local Board and to Auckland Council staff for taking prompt precautionary steps to limit the spread of Kauri Dieback across Kauri reserves in Kaipātiki. Please support the track closures by talking with your friends, neighbours and colleagues.  


For information about which tracks it is safe to use you can now consult the special "Kauri Dieback" edition of the Kaipātiki Explorer booklet. You can also grab a printed copy from the Kaipātiki Community Facilities Trust, local library, Council Service Centre, entrance of some reserves or at the PFK Tool Shed.

For recent changes to track information in the Explorer Guide, please visit Kaipātiki Explorer Track Updates.

Update on Kaipātiki tracks due to COVID-19 and Kauri Dieback

Below is a list of tracks in Kaipātiki that have been temporarily closed by Auckland Council to protect kauri trees. The maps clearly show which tracks are open or closed. Check them out!

​A number of reserves have been completely closed until further notice: 

This information has been supplied by Auckland Council and will be updated regularly.


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